Friday 8 July 2016

Prisoners of War. Heroes......................from Rico

During the Vietnam War, a US Navy pilot was captured and coerced before the cameras by his Communist captors for propaganda purposes. That pilot, then CDR Denton, blinked in Morse code the word T-O-R-T-U-R-E giving the first indication that American POW's were in fact being tortured.
- Don't believe it or remember it? Go see the video on YouTube.
During the current American secret civil war, a Director of the FBI was coerced before the cameras by his Congressional captors for propaganda purposes. By his testimony, Comey was all-but-blinking C-O-E-R-C-I-O-N giving many the first indication that in fact he was being coerced.
- Don't believe it? Watch him repeatedly say "go back and read my statement."
While Congress is playing "gotcha" with the wrong person and going after the 'safe' Comey (instead of the 'dangerous' Clinton) in pursuit of cool TV soundbites, they are missing the big picture.
- There is a stealth 'war' being waged between those who would destroy America, and the few left who still stand in their way. I think Comey was one of the few good ones left, and he was unfortunately taken prisoner. To his credit, despite now being a POW, he is trying to warn the rest of America like CDR Denton did years before. 


Lord T said...

He could have resigned, gone public or some other option. The POW was hardly in the position to do anything.

Mark Matis said...

Keep on suckin'. The sooner Comey burns in hell where he belongs, the happier I'll be. And it sure would be a bonus if a bunch of other FedPig swill burned right along with him. Damn them all to hell for what they have done to this country. And damn their families with them.

Anonymous said...

Comey not only stuffed Clinton, he also stuffed the Democrats with an "incompetent" candidate.

Lets see what Trump does with Hillary's claim of incompetence.