Monday, 4 July 2016

Snake eyes.............................from Rico

The New York Post cover just about sums it all up.
- Sums what up? you may ask if you get your news from one of the alphabet media branches of the Democratic party.
- The not-so-secret 'secret' private meeting of Billy BJ and AG Lowrenta Lynch in Phoenix, on an airplane, meeting.
A more perfect and clear example of how the "rule of law" has been corrupted into a system of two for the 'connected' and one for the rest of the shlubs who aren't.
- Whatever they discussed, none of the rest of America is getting the same "deal" or "equal" treatment. And, whatever they really discussed was NOT good for the rest of America.
Let's start with the false premise that Billy 'happened' to be in Phoenix playing golf.
- Sure. Riiiiight. Every senior gentleman of Bill's age makes it a point to golf on sunny 110 degree days in Phoenix.
Let's also discuss the equally false premise that they discussed the grandkids for 30 minutes.
- Sure. Riiiiight again! Except Lowrenta HAS NO GRANDCHILDREN, and Billy only has TWO. Must have been a fascinating conversation.
Setting aside the very obvious point that Billy's Hillary is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation by DOJ, let's point out that SO IS BILL and the Clinton Foundation.
- It's sheer coincidence that DOJ has filed a motion for a 27-month DELAY in producing evidence/correspondence between Hillary, her top four aides, officials of the Clinton Foundation, and Teneo Holdings (of which Bill is a founder). That would block the release of this investigative information until October 2018.....about two years into Hillary's presumptive first term as POTUS and Bill's tenure as FLOTUS.
The stench from this won't go away.
- The system is rotten to the core, and the 'players' aren't all that concerned anymore about concealing the cronyism and third-world shittiness that has become the former Constitutional Republic.

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Mark Matis said...

My understanding is that the plane where they met was not one EITHER of them used that day. Can anyone check the tail numbers of the plane where they met, the plane that Lynch flew in on, and the one that Slick took out of there?

Then tell me again how noble this country's "Law Enforcement" officers are. Especially those at the Federal level...