Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summer of C...........? You decide.......................from Rico

Remember all the threats, veiled and specific, being thrown around about the dreaded "Summer of Chaos" and all the terrible skeery violence that would be wreaked-upon any attendees having the audacity to peacefully try and attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland?
Yeah, the Soros-funded BlackLiesMatter, Black Panthers, Move On, and whatever other domestic leftist terrorist groups wanted "in" on the threatened action were gonna be a real force to be reckoned with.
- Freedom of assembly? [spit] Freedom of Speech? [spit] Freedom of Association? [spit!] America? [spit]
None of that was going to be "allowed" by the hate-America-first leftist-progressive-Marxists!
So far (Day 3-pm now) there hasn't been much for the media to report about the "Summer of Chaos"....except the flag-burner who set himself on fire instead, and that's not really newsworthy according to them.
What is the media NOT reporting?
- Why have there been NO violent attacks on those peacefully attending the Republican convention?
How about THIS. Have you heard much, if anything, from your "news" outlet of choice about this?
- An organization called "Bikers for Trump" heard all the hot air, threats, and intimidation being promised by Georgie Soros's misguided Communist children and decided to put a "wall of meat" [read: themselves] between the convention attendees and the paid protestors [read: assholes].
The two attached photos are examples of what happens when those who "walk-the-walk" stand up to those who only "talk-the-talk."
Decide for yourself:
- Summer of Chaos? 
- Summer of Chickenshits?
Note: This is particularly for all my biker friends who were not able to be part of the "wall" in Cleveland because they are overseas being part of America's "wall"

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