Monday, 25 July 2016

Sunday Night in Philly.........................from Rico

Boy howdy, am I ever having a great day...and it's not because of the cheese steaks! Team Grifter and Debbie Hyphen of the DNC? Well, probably not so much.
- And for the exact SAME reasons. E-mail. You've got 'e-mail' Debbie. You too, Hillary.
Moving beyond their disingenuous blaming of the Russians for 'leaking' the hacked DNC e-mails (instead of blaming the DNC assholes that actually 'wrote' those e-mails and 'implemented' the policies), which is even insulting to the intelligence of many DemocRATS, here are a few "highlights" of the PHL-DNC pre-convention delegates 'mood' on-the-ground there this Sunday night.
- Another Former Democrat - dws.dnc
- democRATS
- Destroying Nation's Confidence
- not with HER or HER big banks
- wikileaks NO DNC
Not the least fun is watching them eat their own, as Debbie resigns as Chair of the DNC on Sunday (because Team Grifter doesn't want the distraction of her departure during "Hillary's week"), only to be hired by the Hillary campaign (don't even ask WTF?, Hillary does NOT care in the slightest what you little people think).
The democRATS are being buried under their own BS, and they have no one to 'blame' for it except themselves...........

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