Monday, 11 July 2016

That was just her FIRST year..................from Rico

When the NSA spies on you, and the government lies to you, be grateful for Wikileaks....otherwise you'd never hear about this if you relied upon the MSM.
It's clear that Hillary's e-mail abuse was worse than anyone either thought or admitted
In Hillary's FIRST YEAR alone there were 23,035 classified CONFIDENTIAL messages that she "extremely carelessly" forgot to mention to anyone...or to admit to.
- That's just
        ///////WARNING - C O N F I D E N T I A L - WARNING////////
mind you. I guess the S E C R E T and T O P  S E C R E T and
SPECIAL HANDLING-SAP-SPECIAL ACCESS must have come along at some point after this.
Of course, completely overlooked by almost everyone is the much more damaging revelation of intelligence sources and methods which used to be called WNINTEL before the "oopsie" folks started running things.

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Anonymous said...

The link to the wikileaks releases of emails is missing.