Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The motive remains unclear.............from Rico

Capping a week of Jihadi attacks in Germany, is a Jihadi attack in France.
- Attackers chanting "Islamic State" behead a Priest at Mass in Rouen.
The usual suspects (White House, Brussels, Media) are all saying "the motive is unclear."
"Doctors Without Borders" have been replaced (thanks to generous Soros and USG funding) by "Jihadis Without Motives."
Of course the Globalist elites who are enabling this know exactly what the 'motive' and 'purpose' is:
- Islamic Jihad is a battering ram they are using to destroy the West.
Here are two of them raising a glass to their success so far. Feel free to join them in saying "cheers" and "chin chin."
- What difference does it make (to them) so long as they get to remain in charge?

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