Sunday, 24 July 2016

The PLAN....................from Rico

Some may be a bit 'dismayed' that Hillary's replacement as SecState is more worried about the threat from refrigerators than from ISIS.
- One can only wonder IF he is 'in' on "the plan" or just really stupid.
Then there is "aloha snackbar boy" who still cannot bring himself to say the words "Islamic terrorism."
- There should be absolutely NO 'wondering' about this one by's both of the above, plus he is heavily self-medicated into the bargain.
But LUCKY for everybody in America and the world, Barry and his 'third term' aka Hillary DO actually have a "plan."
- Plan? What "plan?" Americans may very well ask (even if they didn't bother to ask 'CHANGE what?' or 'HOPE why?' or 'FORWARD to where?"....the dumbasses), well, it involves sand and glass as lubricants...and while they are an important part of "the plan" and are scripted to be on the receiving end of "the plan" they're really NOT gonna like "the plan!"

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