Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Voting Dead........................from Rico

The jokes write themselves, about themselves.
- You just could NOT make anything like this up...even if you were heavily self-medicated.
Michael Moore, best know for his work as a body-double for Jabba the Hut, but the otherwise full-time "progressive" looney-tunes poster child, is saying that "progressives" will stay home and not vote after SHillary's selection of Kaine as her VP running mate.
- He may actually be right for once, since this is a pretty 'lame' ticket by any standards, even for "progressives" who are reputed to have NO standards.
And, in the wake of the latest Wikileaks about the DNC intentionally screwing Bernie from day one, his "progressive" looney-tunes supporters may also stay home and not vote.
- At least the ones who don't vote for Trump because they're pissed-off.
There is a "wild card" however, that the DNC and SHitlery are both counting on:
- DEAD DEMOCRATS ALWAYS VOTE, so "what difference does it make?"

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Mark Matis said...

Rove Republicans ALSO vote. And they have no problem with President Hillary.