Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Truman-JFK-Humphrey........................from Rico

Truman, JFK, and Humphrey were all good men. They were all Democrats, as America "used to" understand Democrats.
- This was when the deciding factor, no matter what party the President (Truman, Eisenhower, JFK) was affiliated with, was simply this: "What is best for America?"
With the passage of time, no matter what party the President (Nixon, Clinton) was affiliated with, the deciding factor became: "What'$ in it for me and my cronies?"
Now America is in the sorrowful state that the deciding factor, no matter what party the President (Bush or Obama) claims to be affiliated with is: "Will this further the 'globalist' one-world Communist agenda? Screw America!"
Many are hoping that Trump's destruction of the RINO'S and limousine liberals of the GOP may actually change, or if not change at least delay, an evil 'agenda' bent on destroying human freedom and individual liberty.
- We'll see.
So far it's clear that the Democrats (C) have moved so far to the LEFT that (a) Truman, JFK, or Humphrey would never make it to the DNC CONvention, much less be viable candidates for pResident, and (b) the 'choice' is between Bernie and Hillary, a fkng Communist and a fkng venal Globalist respectively.
- Case in point, the North Korean flag at the DNC.
- This is no longer the Democratic party I used to know, but if you go to the website of the CP-USA* you can 'read' a platform that is identical to that of the Democrats (C) of today. No, sadly, I am NOT making this up. 
*Communist Party - USA

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