Saturday, 16 July 2016

Well Played?meric...................from Rico

Was Turkey's "coup" really a 'false flag' created by Erdogan to boost his 'popularity' and gain the 'sympathy' of the masses?
- Not that anyone has ever staged a burning of the Reichstag for similar purposes [1933].
Erdogan now has a free hand to push for CHANGEing Turkey from  a Parliamentary regime to a Presidential one. His regime.
Let's consider: almost nobody was hurt, almost nobody has been arrested, and there was almost no involvement by the army...and apparently no involvement by the navy. Staged?
- It does give Erdogan an 'excuse' to purge more of his enemies, and to move Turkey towards his personal dream of recreating the [Islamic] Ottoman Empire.
It's worth noting that Erdogan's the BFF of America's Barry. [read: he hates America, and Western civilization; correction - they BOTH do.]
- I wonder who gave tips to whom here, and what America can expect in future?

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