Tuesday 19 July 2016

What's the Problem?..............................from Rico

If you do NOT see a problem with #BLM protesting the legal shooting of a black thug and gangbanger by a cop, and do NOT have a problem with their complete silence on the subject of black-on-black shootings, then:
(a) you're probably a liberal Democrat (C),
(b) and you're probably ready for SHitlery,
(c) and you most certainly do NOT want to discuss how it is that in the gun-free-zone known as Democrat-run Chicago over 70% of shooting victims are black, who have been shot by other blacks (who are over 70% of the perps),
(d) are ready to embrace her gun-control plan which promises to make America into one big shooting gallery....er, Chicago by repealing the 2nd Amendment?
(e) and somehow think that disarming the 96% of law abiding whites (look again at the Chicago numbers) is a great solution.

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Anonymous said...

US Police should boycott Democrat areas