Thursday, 7 July 2016

You Missed the Fire America......................from Rico

It was a moment of historic* transformation** America. You have had your Reichstag fire and almost everyone missed it while carelessly watching the 4th fireworks..
You probably didn't hear about it America, because your favorite infotainment outlet carelessly forgot to mention it. 
You probably wouldn't have understood what it meant anyway America, because your education system carelessly forgot to teach you about it.
Comey of the FBI did try his best to tell you America, but almost everyone carelessly missed his point.
To understand Comey's point, you need to have both the historic and the transformation parts of the puzzle:
* Historic. The Reichstag was Germany's Parliament where the will of the people over the government was exercised. In 1933 it was burned down carelessly and accidentally-on-purpose and the event was used as an excuse to consolidate the dictatorial power of the government over the people of Germany 
** Transformation. By blatantly white-washing Clinton's crimes, the Obama administration has served notice that they have purposely burned down the "will of the people over government" and intend to consolidate the "dictatorial power of the government over the people of America."
Comey's point? Beyond trying to explain that the "fix" was in, he was trying to warn you that by having figuratively burned down America's Reichstag, the Obama regime has openly declared it has overthrown the government and will do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, however it wants....and as for what YOU want America? It could care less.

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Thehawkreturns said...

I think phrase you're looking for is "couldn't care less". I realise that many American pundits regularly use the phrase incorrectly but if they read the words carefully they would understand why they are making an error.