Monday, 22 August 2016

Angela Merkel - Another Unstable Dictator Is Destroying Europe.............from Daniel Thomas

When Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, referred to his rival, Hillary Clinton, as 'America's Angela Merkel' it may not have resonated as much with the American people as it would have done with the long suffering people of Germany and Europe.

Increasingly heavy censorship aided and abetted by the government- media axis is preventing the full horror of the German Chancellor's open border mass immigration madness from reaching the American people but that does not mean it isn't happening. On the contrary, it is most definitely happening and escalating beyond control.

Mass rape, violent assault and the murder of German citizens are being committed on an ever increasing scale while the law enforcement authorities are stood down on orders from Chancellor Merkel and her regime.

Despite official denials, almost all of these heinous crimes are being committed by the millions of economic migrants invited into the country by Merkel including murder in the name of Allah by ISIS and other radical Muslim groups.

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