Monday, 1 August 2016

Anytime now, buttercup!.....................from Rico

Maybe you 'heard' about the Canadian energy advert that allegedly twisted the LBGTQ-FU community's panties.
- Here is what the "progressives" were so faux, and self-righteously, upset about.
Get serious!
I have never yet heard ANY of these 'tolerant' "progressive" assholes make one bleat about Islam.
- You know, the barbarians that DO kill you for not being heteronormative [read: gay]...and they kill you in ways that PETA would be horrified by: throwing from rooftops, dunking in acid baths, burning alive, etc. [but note: bestiality is AOK in Islam].
Yeah, THAT Islam as defined in their Koran-Quran, whatever. Their holy word as defined by their clinically insane pedophile prophet.
- The Islam we're ALL still waiting for (after +14 centuries) to tolerate churches from ANY religion in countries and places they rule. Put a Catholic, Lutheran, Ba'hai, church and some Buddhist and Jewish temples in Mecca and Medina you assholes, and then...maybe...serious people will start taking YOU as people and not animals.
Meanwhile, while this remains America, we're waiting for YOU to start hosting gay marriages in your tax-free terror training centers aka Mosques.
- Anytime now, buttercup!

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