Tuesday 16 August 2016

Australia Joins The Great Muslim Crusade To Subjugate The West....................from Daniel Thomas

When one listens to the utterances emanating forth from leaders of the developed nations, one cannot come to any other conclusion that there is indeed a global agenda to promote medieval Islam and give it moral and religious equivalence with the civilised Judeo-Christian world.

It is no coincidence that these same leaders use almost identical slogans and soundbites, therefore one also cannot fail to come to the conclusion that there is a single organizing authority behind this agenda which uses its own sophisticated media machine to disseminate its propaganda.

When Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull usurped power from rebel Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, he didn't waste any time bringing Australia back into the 'progressive' global alliance that is fundamentally transforming the post-war world. This transformation is being achieved by downgrading western civilisation using open border mass immigration from the undeveloped, uncivilised world.

As the people of the developed world are witnessing to their cost, the adherents of Islam are being used by this 'progressive' alliance as the vanguard in this modern day crusade to subjugate, then ultimately eradicate, Judeo-Christian culture from its dominant global position.

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