Saturday, 6 August 2016

Batshit Crazy is the "New Normal" Now?......................from Rico

Genuinely concerned about the bizarre, aberrant, and increasingly weird behavior of HRC since she fell and hit her head in 2012...not to mention her coughing fits, apparent seizures, and exaggerated reactions to external stimulus, I bought my favorite clinician a drink so we could talk about it.
To me, I figured she was loaded with amphetamines/meth because that is how "tweakers" behave. I've seen them.
To a professional, it is more complex:
- Personality Disorder
- Cognitive and Memory damage
- High-functioning Autism with attendant Sociopathy
I kid you not, this is NOT a "pick one" list, but an ALL OF THE ABOVE list.
HRC is mentally unstable.
- Is that who America needs as a replacement for a drug-addled neo-Muslim Commie sex pervert?
- It would seem so to many Dem's and RINO's, since being a Communist excuses all other defects and failings in their minds.

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