Monday 22 August 2016

#BecauseCaring......................from Rico

Two politicians and one non-politician, providing a contemporary study in giving a shit vs. could care less.
- One is a mensch, the other two human turds.
You decide:
While the #1 asshole in America enjoys yet another luxury taxpayer-funded vacation taking some time off from his normal work routine of golfing by golfing, and being his typical arrogant prick self by ignoring Louisiana...
And as Hillary Rotten Clinton continues to hide from the public by enjoying her 259th consecutive day without holding a press conference, instead getting a much-needed recharge via her neck electrodes back at Dr Frankenfurter's laboratory...
The Donald is handing out boxes of food to the people of Louisiana, unlike the above two who couldn't be bothered to give one shit about the 'little people' aka average Americans.
I'd really REALLY like to see Hillary try handling a box of groceries like Trump did, but she needs help and doesn't give it.
Have I neglected to say f*ck Obama and f*ck Hillary yet?
- Pardon me, I meant to...#becauseCaring.

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