Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Breaking News - KMA Hillary...................from Rico

Kissimmee? Kiss my ass, Hillary!
- Is this obscene person clueless or intentionally trying to piss everyone off?
The Orlando Jihadi shooter's father is (and NOT by accident) seated directly behind Hillary on stage at her Orlando, FL rally...and holds up a sign calling for GUN CONTROL.
Fuck. me. running.
What is needed is (a) Hillary control, (b) Democrat control, and (c) Muslim control.
Simply unbelievable!!!!!
--------------speaking of "signs" is this also a sign from HiLIARy that she thinks she's already 'won' the election (like she 'won' those SIX Iowa coin-tosses in a row) and she could really give a hairy rat's ass what anyone thinks?

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