Thursday, 4 August 2016

Contained?.....................from Rico

The 8-2016 'heat map' of ISIS activity prepared by the National Counter Terrorism Task Force shows that ISIS is now active in three times as many countries [18, plus 'new' aspiring branches coming on line] than two years ago [7 countries].
- Remember when Barry said on 13-11-2015 that "we have contained them"?
Barry is a lying weasel, so WHY does anyone still pay any attention to anything choom-boy says?
- Sure, granted he is THE subject matter expert on being UNFIT to be President, but he's not gonna admit that ...much less admit that Joe Shit the Ragpicker is more qualified than he is to be President.
- Of course, the media that is "unfit to be media" is gleefully 'all over' Barry's statement that Trump is "unfit to be President." [Like the serial felon Hillary is?]
I can hardly "contain" my laughter at these fkng clowns..............

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