Thursday 4 August 2016

Dropping Like Flies.......................from Rico

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka ObamaCare) they're dropping like flies.
- Health Insurance companies, that is. Their insured (the patients) will be next.
Barry's "signature achievement" continues to be THE poster child of what happens when Big Government says "I'm here to help. I can fix this."
- You can call ObamaCare a "signature achievement" if you want, but that does NOT change the fact that it is an "EPIC FAIL."
Aetna is the latest to admit that ObamaCare simply does not work and has pulled the plug.
- But hey, after an annual loss in excess of $300 million, what else do you expect any CFO to say except "duh!"
Anthem pulled the plug last week. Humana and UnitedHealth pulled out before that. Blue is cutting back. What to expect now?
- Expect another year of double-digit premium increases.
Read the message on that lying bastard's podium closely. It says:
                 HEALTH CARE
                  CAN AFFORD
While that didn't work out very well, Americans were NOT told two critical things on the front end of this train wreck:
1. The ACA has all the negatives of a single-payer system.
- It was designed that way.
2. If you no longer have a job, you're no longer a working family, and they could care less if you can afford anything or not.
- Just remember to vote for them so they can give you welfare.

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