Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fake Numbers. Real BS......................from Rico

The government makes "adjustments" so unemployment can be claimed to be under 5% with a straight face.
- Never mind that unemployment is actually ~23%. Not that the +94 million working-age people that are out of work should worry one smidgeon, the government says that despite their not having jobs they are NOT unemployed.
So too, with official inflation. Thanks to "adjustments" there will be no 2017 COLA adjustments for people on Social Security because there is NO INFLATION! Government says that with a straight face, too.
- Never mind that inflation is well over 10% and climbing, as anyone who has to buy food-energy-goods-services-housing knows perfectly well.
Being an election year, where would we be without PHONY POLLS? Yeah, Reuters just 'tweaked' [read: made "adjustments"] to how it polls...and "it's a miracle" we're now told with a straight face that Hillary who was 'behind' is now suddenly 'ahead.'
- Never you mind that the media's poll numbers are just as fake as the government's numbers. The 'polls' are now pure bullshit, too.
Who are you going to believe?
- Would the government LIE to you?
- Would the media LIE to you?
- Would Hillary LIE to you?
Nawwwww, say it ain't so!
- It must be YOUR lyin' eyes.............

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