Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Gambit or Prelude? $1.25 Minimum Wage?.......................from Rico

It was difficult not to 'notice' the body-slam delivered to the Silver bullion spot price by the wiseguys today (8/22).
It IS difficult to know whether this was merely a "gambit" by the usual suspects prior to the Silver option expiry on the CRIMEX.....er, COMEX this coming Thursday 8/25 or instead a prelude to a significant price rise ahead.
- The same thing was done by the same crooks to Silver Wheaton, driving their share price down to $10 before it rose to $30.
Then there are the expected 'antics' by the crooks preceeding the annual FED Jackson Hole to consider...
The FED and the USG should be 'thanked' for the inflation we do not have (well, that's what they tell us...no inflation, no COLA...would they lie?).
- Here is an example of their 'inflation creation' for you to consider:
Five Silver quarters (pre-LBJ, pre-1964) with a face-value of $1.25 contain ~$20.00 worth of Silver today.
- Why even debate a paper fiat Federal Reserve Note "minimum wage" of $15.00 when a Silver-based "minimum wage" of $1.25 would yield $20 in purchasing power today?
Now forget about 'flipping burgers' for a moment and think about what this would mean to the entire US economy.
- It's one helluvofanargument to END THE FED right now! The thieving bastards..........
Do you still wonder WHY they hate Silver and Gold bullion so much?
- THIS is exactly why they "rig" the spot markets.

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