Wednesday, 24 August 2016

German Islamic Apocalypse - Stock Up On Bullets Not Bratwurst..............from Daniel Thomas

It speaks volumes about the modern political class in Europe when they are facing a catastrophic event that 'could threaten their very existence', the German people will be obliged to stockpile a ten day supply of food, water and medical supplies.
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One would have thought that in the face of such an apocalyptic event and it's aftermath a stock of readily available guns and ammunition would be as just as essential as food and water; but as we all know to our cost, individuals taking responsibility for their own defence, and that of their families, goes against the global 'progressive' philosophy that only governments and their agents have the right to bear arms.

Incidentally, disarming civilians has been the goal of the United Nations and 'progressive' governments around the world for decades with particular success in the EU including Germany.

Official justification for mobilizing the entire country is very thin indeed leading to speculation that the government is manufacturing a panic for nefarious reasons bearing in mind elections are due in Germany and Chancellor Merkel's iron grip on power is slipping away.

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Mark Matis said...

War with Russia is their plan, and the Muslim in Chief is their partner. Their minions will continue to attack the Bear without worry that any Western Media will report their acts. President Putin may be willing to wait them out if it looks like Mr. Trump might win, because he sees in Trump a man of honor, unlike any president we have had since 1989. If the Democrats and the Rove Republicans commit enough fraud, however, to ensure Hillary's victory, I sincerely hope that the District of Corruption is the target of the first 10 MIRV nuclear missiles aimed at this country. Especially if that happens during the Muslim in Chief's last SOTU.