Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Grandma Pickles.....................from Rico

We're closing in on nine months since Hillary [my middle name is money] has given a press conference, probably a historic "first" in the anals of political campaigns.
- No, I did not-mistype annals....I meant anals.
She's also notably 'absent' from actual campaign events, or any campaigning for that matter.
- What difference does it make? She already figures that "the fix is in" for November.
This allows her to concentrate 100% on raising money, always the motivation for everything she does. It's all about the money. All the time.
- And, when not resting from her bouts with Parkinson's Disease bless her cold black evil heart, she made time to appear on a late night comedy/talk show to open a jar of (already-been-opened) pickles to 'prove' she's the very picture of health.
Oh yeah, THAT made me want to vote for Grandma Pickles for President. 
- Yah, sure. You betcha!

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