Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Happy 2017 From ObamaCare......................from Rico

ObamaCare is wishing everybody a "Happy 2017" early, because Obama cares.
- Hillary does, too.
While nationwide ObamaCare (aka Affordable Care Act) premium INCREASES for 2017 nationwide average 24%, in all 'fairness' some increases are much more than that, and some increases much less...though none of the increases are anywhere near the fictional 1% inflation the central planners tell Americans they have.
In other news, another happy ObamaCare insurer, Blue Shield of California (BSC), is closing down for four days after Labor Day Weekend to try and slow its financial hemorrhage from their ObamaCare program.
- Sending all 6,000 of its employees home without pay for four days will save BSC about $4 million dollars, but premium increases and this stunt will still not be enough to avoid JOB CUTS as BSC fights to remain solvent.

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