Monday, 8 August 2016

Health Care: When "free" isn't free...................from Rico

As the taxes and penalties increase, along with the number of insurers losing their financial asses and leaving the program, rates for the participating public are seeing nose-bleed increases.
- And the pain is just starting. There's more to come!
Straight from the Chicago Oblast of the People's Socialist Soviet of Illinois, from none other than the Pravda of both...the Chicago Tribune...comes this gem. And I quote:
"Insurers want to crank up the cost of health insurance premiums [in 2017] by as much as 45% for Illinois residents who buy coverage through the Affordable Care Act's marketplace."
Of course, no mention was made of ObamaCare coverage NOT meaning affordability or access.
The next stop for this train wreck will see the party of legalized theft push "single payer" which means "national health care" which [for all the retards who are 'ready for Comrade Hillary] means:
        "Government-run Healthcare"
B-b-b-b-but it will be "free" right?
- Yeah, right. The same government that went broke running a Nevada brothel that also sold liquor will surely do a bang-up job running America's healthcare.
Just wait until you see what "free" really costs happy taxpayers.

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