Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Hillary Reverts To Type And Descends Into Smear and The Race Card...................from Daniel Thomas

It took a while but we all knew it was coming as sure as night follows day. To his credit it was Great Britain's Brexit hero, Nigel Farage, that provoked Hillary Clinton into scraping the bottom of the 'progressive' barrel by resorting to smear and the race card during her presidential campaign.

Despite the mainstream media censoring the truth about Mrs. Clinton's past, the Trump campaign's exposure of her lifetime of lying, corruption and criminal behavior is beginning to resonate with the people.

Trump is putting the fear of God into Clinton's campaign managers by moving his tanks into traditional Democrat territory and talking to the black and other ethnic minority communities directly.

The Trump campaign is questioning the basis of black and ethnic minority loyalty to the Democratic Party when they have been so ill served by them over decades. The evidence of Democratic Party neglect of the black and ethnic minority communities is there for all to see and the message is slowly getting through.

Despite the media bias and the deluge of negative Trump propaganda his message is beginning to resonate while Mrs. Clinton's billion dollar election machine begins to lose the argument, and when they lose the argument they resort to insult and smear.

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