Saturday, 13 August 2016

If Trump Loses, Who Or What Is To Blame? (List Of 8)...from TPC

The list of 8 items in this article offer some of the potential sources and reasons to scapegoat or at which to point the proverbial 'fickle finger of fate' if in fact Donald Trump loses in November.

And, as that eventuality unfortunately grows in probability, so too will this list…

Article Tease: 'In this case, while some of the other points above may be valid, #8 is either going to remain the problem or become the solution!'

Read the list of 8 at The Political Commentator here.


edutcher said...

Giving up a little early, aren't we?

It's not even Labor Day.

Dan said...

If Trump loses the most likely reason will be 'computerized voting'.
Because the vast majority of voting machines run on WinXP, are amazingly easy to compromise and have essentially zero protection from malware and other methods of compromise. Add in the fact that the DNC are long time masters at finding the people in charge of systems such as these and then buying, blackmailing, corrupting or
suborning them into configuring such systems to provide the prescribed outcome.....a Demonrat win.

In both 2008 and 2012 there were cell phone videos posted to the internet of people voting for the GOP candidate and watching the machine change that vote to a Dem vote AS THEY WERE WATCHING. In
2012 some precincts in large cities had a 100% vote for Obama...not a single vote for anyone else. A statistical impossibility. In other
precincts there were more votes cast and counted then there were registered voters....sometimes Obama got MORE than 100%. Again something impossible in an honest system. So if Trump loses the hands down number one probable cause will be institutionalized widespread vote fraud.