Friday, 12 August 2016

Ignoring The People - Europhile Theresa May Refuses To Initiate Brexit.................from Daniel Thomas

Looking at the way the modern political class routinely ignores the will of the people and treats their hopes and aspirations with complete and utter contempt, it is beyond all doubt that the world has entered the post-democratic age.

The global elite are embarked on a great crusade to replace national sovereignty with a single world government which uses the Marxian philosophy of total equality but applied to nations as well as their citizens.

The European Union is an essential part of this crusade whereby the sovereignty of twenty-seven nations has been transferred from elected Parliaments and legislatures to a Commission run by appointed bureaucrats.

The political elites across Europe have sworn fealty to the EU project and many have dedicated their entire lives to bringing about the United States of Europe.

One such dedicated Europhile and globalist is the new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, who replaced her Europhile boss, the disgraced and thoroughly despicable David Cameron.

It was EU fanatic Cameron, with Mrs. May's approval and support, who led the campaign to deceive the British people into believing that Great Britain's exit from the EU would trigger an apocalyptic nightmare which would result in every conceivable disaster from poverty, war, famine and catastrophic climate change to the end of health care provision.

Judging by her actions since she took over the Premiership Mrs. May is either having serious problems abandoning her life-long belief in the EU project or she is maneuvering to keep Great Britain firmly attached in some shape or form to the superstate.

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