Tuesday, 30 August 2016

...in die Scheisse.........................from Rico

Someone asked me 'who appointed George Soros to the position of asshole-in-charge?'
- I told him George appointed himself, since he apparently has more money than God, in his dotage he has a$$umed the role of a god and likely IS God in his own mind.
Now when you have THAT much money, you have power and influence to go with it, and if you are a truly demented and evil sort.....well, then you can cause no end of misery.
- This is how the world has moved from COUP to COUP-DE-ETAT toward the intended COUP-DE-GRACE.
The $oro$ foisting of Barry Soetoro under the alias of Barack Hussein Obama upon America and the world was a COUP far surpassing his breaking the Bank of England and the Pound Sterling. It was a triumph, a brilliantly executed stratagem.
- $oro$ sponsored Obama, and he completely owns him.
Recent revelations that $oro$ was running the Ukraine 'for' the US Government after its inconvenient overthrow almost give him claim to a coup-de-etat, but it was the ouster of the German Pope and his replacement by the current anti-Pope (by a small Vatican group instigated and funded by $oro$) that give him ownership of the term COUP-DE-ETAT
- Much later, when a journalist suggested to Soros that he be appointed Pope, George responded: "Why? I'm already the Pope's boss now."
[cite: Peter Schweitzer, 2005, "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy."]
For his final act, and perhaps crowning lifetime 'achievement' $oro$ has been the sole force inflating, $upporting, and propping-up a politically dead-Hillary-walking. Why? Because she is intended to be America's COUP-DE-GRACE.
- The election and installation of a totally-$oro$-owned Hillary is intended to be the deathblow ending the suffering of an already mortally wounded Constitutional Republic. A decisive, finishing stroke for the nation that once was America and for the career of a living Dr Evil (without the laughs).
If this last comes to pass, we ALL will be "in die Scheisse"

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