Saturday, 27 August 2016

Jack Hole. Status Quo. Coin toss...................from Rico

Another FED "Jack Hole" event. Yawn. Why does anyone with two wits to rub-together pay ANY attention to what they 'say' much less give it any credence? Pay more attention to what they 'do' suckers.
- The FED itself admits that it has succeeded in dropping the Dollar's purchasing power by +96% since it was created at Jekyll Island a century ago.
Assuming that Ivy League-educated economists and bankers are at least bright enough to grasp 'the first rule of holes' (when you find yourself in one, stop digging), there must be some other reason why the American economy has gone to shit and the middle-class has been gutted like a fish.
- There IS a reason. It's all proceeding according to plan.
The economic policy of the last +35 years is performing exactly as it was designed and intended to by a 'bipartisan' Congress and the FED....the wealth of Americans has been strip-mined and large chunks of the former 'middle-class' reduced to 'debt-serfs.' It was never intended to 'help' the middle-class, it was intended to shake them down for their wealth. In the past 35 years:
- Wall Street income has increased 800%
- Corporate income has increased 250%
- Wages & salaries have increased 9%.
This how the "status quo" has worked so far. None of this was by 'accident' but it helps explain why those benefiting from this 'system' are currently fighting tooth-and-nail to keep things just as they are.
- It also explains why everybody who is part of this scam is pushing Hillary...she represents the "status quo" and a continuation of the 'system' according to 'plan'...they clearly understand that a vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same. Or, in terms of the impossible six consecutive coin tosses in Iowa, "heads THEY win, tails YOU lose."

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