Thursday, 25 August 2016

Knee-capping right on schedule....................from Rico

Ah, the "Chicago way" lives on at the CME's COMEX.
Big Al, Bugsy, Randolph, Mortimer, and the boys would be so very proud!
- Precious metals are being knee-capped right on schedule.
From the looks of the Gold and Silver charts you can draw one of two possible conclusions:
1. At "oh my God it's early" otherwise known as 0600 EST it's the perfect time to sell precious metals to maximize profit. It's merely a coincidence that both Gold and Silver are moving downward in tandem (wink wink nudge nudge).
2. It happens to be precious metals options contract expiry day on the CRIMEX, and the wise guys will NOT tolerate any 'loss' on their notional futures contracts by NOT ending 'in the money' ......NOT that the casino is completely "rigged" or anything of the sort.
- You can take Randolph and Mortimer Duke's* word for it!
Anyone still 'playing' on the COMEX is either (a) a complete fool, or (b) one of the crooks.
- To badly quote St Anne of Barnhardt "If you're still in this market you're either on drugs, or an idiot."
*The film "Trading Places" remains THE very best and clearest explanation of how the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) works. Watch for the scene where the Duke brothers explain to Valentine (Eddy Murphy) how commodities trading works and you can skip the $250,000 of student loan debt you'd have from attending an Ivy League school to acquire exactly the same knowledge.
- That now Senator (D-MN) has a role in this film is a bonus.

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