Monday, 1 August 2016

Melania Trump Nude Photos on the Cover of the New York Post, But Why?

They had to go there? And I mean they really went there.

The only thing they did is put pasties over her nipples. Otherwise, it's all Melania.

I don't know. Nothing's out of bounds these days.

Here, "PHOTO: Now What's the Purpose for This? Melania Trump Nude Photos New York Post Cover X-Rated."

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Leigh said...

On a bright note Theo, it could have been worse.
Could you imagine how much eye-bleach you would need if it was the First Wookie, Rosie ODonelle, or Her Markist Filthiness - Hitlery ?

Trump isn't concerned. Besides, isn't it funny about how the left denigrates the life choices of women when it suits them? Instead of embracing her strength and beauty? Oh, that's right - she's the wife of a Conservative.

Whitehall, NY