Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Nap Time Everybody.......................from Rico

You can 'feel' the energy and vitality of Hillary's faux-campaign for an office she already thinks she has, and if the 'rigged' primary she 'won' is any indication she has probably already 'won' a 'rigged' election, too.
- With George Soro's money behind her, anything is possible....but I digress.
When not putting people that have incriminating evidence against her to "sleep" she manages to put her supporters to "sleep" [look at the fellow top right behind her], and she catches forty-winks on stage at her own rally.
- Yeah, a real snooze-festival.............
There should be a cloud-bubble over her head reading: "this is boring, can't we just get it over with already so I can redecorate my oval oriface and pick out new curtains?"

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