Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Normal Criminal Behavior.................from Rico

Stuff like this makes me 'channel' my inner Lewis Black and yell "you have GOT to be SH*TTING me!"
In a blatant and obvious attempt to "Normalize Criminal Behavior" the current DNC chair Donna Brazile (who is absolutely just as rotten and corrupt as the one she replaced...have I thanked you yet WikiLeaks?...Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) just said with a straight face that outrage over Hillary's State Department "pay-to-play" antics was an attempt to "Criminalize Normal Behavior."
If anyone had one single doubt about the entire DNC organization or Brazile before, you should be crystal clear by now.
- To them, criminal behavior IS normal behavior.
Al Capone, meet Bugsy Siegel. Lucky Luciano sends his regards................

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RonF said...

Here in Illinois 2 of our last 4 governors tried the "Everybody does it, that's how politics works" defense. The juries found them guilty of felonies anyway.