Tuesday 9 August 2016

Obama's 3rd-Term - A Fantastic* Conspiracy Theory!...from TPC

Hillary, The Election and Indictment!

If you watched James Comey speak prior to letting Hillary off of the hook and unindicted over the email and server escapade, you were likely as amazed as most everyone else that given the litany of her transgressions that she got off scot-free!

But what if that move by Comey was merely the appetizer prior to a main course that will consist of an indictment over the pay-to-play scheme that is the Clinton Foundation? 

An interesting (conspiracy) theory no doubt! 

Read it in more detail at The Political Commentator here.

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RonF said...

Folks, anyone surprised by what happened with the FBI wasn't paying attention.

Think about this. You've seen the FBI investigate someone before. And by seen, I mean that after the talking head tells you the FBI is investigating "x", a video of "x"s home or place of business is shown with a group of determined people wearing windbreakers that have "FBI" in 10-inch letters on the back carrying computers and boxes of documents out of the building.

Did you see that in this case? No. What happened was that the FBI asked Hillary to turn over e-mails, and then she ran through them and picked and chose what she would turn over, and had time to do whatever she wanted to with the rest.

When does that happen? Who gets that deal? Never and no one. THAT is when we all knew (or should have known) that the fix was in.