Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pay For The Pizza..................from Rico

As the rightly-named "Greatest Generation" which survived the back-to-back events of the Great Depression and WWII passes, we get to watch the "Special Snowflake Generation" take-up the baton.
And we are lucky to witness this HISTORIC CHANGE and FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION!
- How can we ever thank you enough Barry? Democrats (C)?
Pew reports that as of May 2016, for the first time in America's history, more 18-34 year-old's are living with Mom & Dad than living in their own households.
- Having become indentured debt-slaves to their student loans which bought them essentially useless degrees, this generation has found their 'safe space' in their parent's basements. Of course, they voluntarily chose to put this yoke upon themselves and are now living with the consequences of being self-indulgent and over-educated in a severely depressed economy which does NOT $upport degrees in gender studies, womyn's studies, or underwater basket-weaving.
The highest percentages of residentially-challenged millenials correlates to heavily progressive-infested areas. Libtard states like New Jersey (43.9%), Connecticut (38.8%), New York (37.4%), and California (36.7%) lead the pack, and despite ruinous "progressive" policies and choices having caused the problem in the first place, I fully expect the 'snowflakes' to vote for "progressive" politicians and their policies perpetuating the cycle of uselessness and cluelessness.
- It's a safe 'bet' that these states are "Ready for Hillary" and will vote that way in November. 
They will NOT have any better results with her than they are getting with Barry, which prompts the following question:
- Q: How do you get someone with multiple liberal-arts degrees off your front porch?
- A: Pay for the pizza.

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