Saturday, 13 August 2016

Saturday Links

Here, "Saturday Morning Roundup." (The link there to the Hostage's "Big Big Friday" is worth a look.)

Rule 5 photo CmMI0SiWkAAmJVo_zpsfnryknfb.jpg
More blogging, "House GOP Task Force: Obama Administration Pressured Officials to Cook Intelligence on Islamic State (VIDEO)."

Also, "Lingering Email Controversy Haunts Hillary Clinton."

More, "Compromised: Justice Dept. Refused FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation (VIDEO)."

And don't throw in the towel yet, "The Presidential Horse Race at the L.A. Times 'Daybreak' Tracking Poll."

And, "Malia Obama to Star in 'Up in Smoke' Reboot (After Caught Tokin' a Joint at Lollapalooza)."

Still more, "First Woman to Medal in Six Olympics Ignored by Media Because She's Pro-Second Amendment — Except She Wasn't."

Plus, "Simone Manuel Becomes First Black American Woman to Win Gold in Individual Swimming."

BONUS: "Very Sexy Babe Jessica Mendoza Endures Sexism as MLB's First Woman Color Commentator (VIDEO)."

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commoncents said...

Donald Trump Super Pac's latest Ad "The Difference"

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