Sunday, 28 August 2016

Thar she blows (smoke).........................from Rico

When out of 'ideas' and absent any accomplishments to point to, and with scandals closing-in her (yet again) what's poor Grandma Pickles to do?
- Why, what she always tries to do. She BLOWS SMOKE.
Remember her coining the term VRWC? [Vast Right Wing Conspiracy].
- In Jan 1998 on NBC's 'The Today Show' the Queen of Conspiracy Theorists claimed that a "VRWC" was the cause of all Clintonian troubles. It's not them, it's everybody else. This was smoke blown directly up America's ass to distract them from Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, and multiple bimbo eruptions.
- In Feb 2016 on CNN with Anderson Cooper she tried to resurrect the VRWC and said this time it was funded by the Koch brothers. The laughter still echoes in Anderson's studio, and this was such a dud claim that it was quickly forgotten along with all the RINO candidates they had once funded.
- Never one to learn from her mistakes, in Aug 2016 giving a speech in Reno, NV she tried it once again, only calling it the skeery-sounding internet-linked "Alt Right" VRWC. It's not HER, it's everybody else. This was another attempt to blow smoke directly up America's ass to distract them from her hacked unclassified private e-mail server, the hacked classified e-mails, foreign policy disasters, rigging the primary, the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative pay-to-play $candal$, ad nauseum. No one had the vaguest idea what the crazy lady with a microphone was talking about, and everyone exposed to this mental drooling is still scratching their heads and saying 'wtf?' to themselves.
After a 'pattern' of behavior like this there is the very plausible argument to be made that when someone claims "everyone is out to get them" they are certifiably paranoid, and possibly a paranoid schizophrenic.
- In layman's terms "batshit crazy."
Appearing at fundraisers looking like an escaped mental patient still wearing her hospital gown certainly doesn't help her case any.
- But despite Granny Pickles likely having slipped into senile dementia, she has nothing to worry about. George Soros is still 'with' her!

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Anonymous said...

Why does she wear those weird clothes?

It looks like they are made of teflon