Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Money Honeywagon..............from Rico

Anyone who has watched American FTV (financial infotainment) is familiar with the "money honeys" who manage to hold the viewer's interest while reading from their teleprompters.
- When they're done, most do not remember one word they said, which is (a) just as well because it was drivel, and (b) is rather the point of the exercise.
They New York Post cover "gets it" as you can see from their cover.
- The entire point of everything the Clinton Foundation does, and Hillary, is to (a) baffle you with bullshit while grubbing for money, and (b) to conduct their sleazy traitorous behavior in secret so you never know about it.
I must apologize for characterizing America's self-annointed Abueala (grandmother) as "Grandma Pickles" the other day after her magic act on Jimmy Kimmel's show. That was WRONG!
- Instead, Hillary Clinton is a Money Honeywagon!

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