Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The ObamaCare Success Story. Worth Saluting...................from Rico

Well, here you are lucky Americans.
- Six years into ObamaCare. How's that working out for you?
If your premiums and co-pays are UP, your coverage is DOWN, you've lost your doctor, and still have not yet seen that $2,500 you were promised...then you can celebrate six years of ObamaCare.
Just wait unti you get really sick, or 'need' that surgery, then you can thank all the democrats in Congress who voted this steaming pile of manure into law without even reading it.
1. Buy the insurance you want and need, or not, and not what Obama says you must.
2. Adjust your W2 withholding to make sure that on April 15th the IRS owes you $100.
3. Take your subsequent IRS notice of fine for not having ObamaCare and wipe your ass with it.
4. Laugh and give Obama and the Democrats the one-finger salute..

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