Monday, 22 August 2016

They keep piling up.......................from Rico

They keep piling up.
- Depending upon your point of view, this could mean either unusual COINCIDENCES, or the dead BODIES of anyone that threatens the Clinton Crime Family...
The recent Wikileaks 'exposure' of the rot at the DNC is one example.
- While the corrupt Clinton operative who "rigged" the nomination for Hillary, former DNC Chair Debbie Hyphenate, has moved on to a high-paying do-nothing position with Hillary's campaign, at least four others appear to have been "Arkancided" as their reward for bringing the truth to light. That's a "coincidence" ranking alongside winning six consecutive coin-tosses in Iowa.
Now, one of Britain's prominent lawyers, 48yo John Jones, who just 'happened' to represent Julian Assange of Wikileaks, has had an unfortunate 'accident' and appears to have been "Arkancided" by train. "Coincidence?"
This was followed by an attempted early-morning break-in at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange is in asylum. Surely just one more unusual "coincidence."
While I have for years referred to these unfortunate fatal "coincidences" as being "Vince Fostered" the term "Arkancided" (which was coined during Arkansas Gov Clinton's term of office to describe suicides inflicted by gunshot to the back of the head) seems much more apt.
- So, is it COINCIDENCE that "Arkancide" is now on the campaign trail to Washington, DC, and will the final victim of "Arkancide" be the United States under President Hillary Clinton?

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