Monday, 15 August 2016

To Donald Trump: PLEASE STOP WHINING!...from TPC

Who am I to tell a presidential candidate for one of the two major political parties in the U.S. he should cut the crap, stop whining and try to reclaim what his many missteps have lost?

Read about who I am and the advice I am giving at The Political Commentator here.


edutcher said...

You think he's whining?

He's trying to warn all those people who think they can sit this out.

If you are an on-the-fence conservative or a Republican along with Independent who want more than anything to jump onto the Trump-train but are constantly and rudely reminded by the candidate that he is a loose cannon and potentially not at all ready for prime time at this point, you're a fool.

You know what awaits, but you want him to play it your way - the way that lost.

You have a choice, hotshot

Quit whining and make it.

Anonymous said...

Why should Trump NOT mention the medias dishonesty and Clinton -enabling ?

You call it ´´whining´, I call it telling the truth.

And the American public can see Bias for what it is better when that bias is made an issue.

Maybe if that gutless Romney had objected to Candy Crowley helping Obama in the 2012 debate, he would have earned more respect.

Instead, he just took it, like you ( and coincidently RINOs or media talking heads ) recommend .

and look how far that has gotten us.

Hey, if you are all in for Hillary, just say so, o.k. ?!?