Tuesday, 9 August 2016

What, ME Worry?.................from Rico

To paraphrase Alfred E. Newman "What, ME worry?".....
1. I am NOT worried about HilLIARy's persistant cough. It's very easily explained. She's just choking on her own lies, and her own bullshit.
- As long as I completely ignore the lying wench, it's not my problem. It's her problem.
2. Neither am I worried about HilLIARy's spastic fits and seizures. If she had shown half as much 'enthusiasm' with Bill, there would not have been an endless stream of Monica's in his life.
- But again, not my problem. That's Bill's problem.
What DOES worry me is that the election is "pre-rigged" to elect the queen of the walking dead....her, HilLIARy....in the Fall.
- We should ALL worry, that's a problem for everyone.

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