Tuesday 9 August 2016

WHO and WHY? - Part 2, WHERE TO?....................from Rico

It was not unfair, sexist, or a conspiracy theory to earlier ask these two questions:
- WHO is the "purple shirt guy?"
- WHY? is he constantly at Hillary's side?
In short:
- The "who" is a Doctor...call him Dr Who.
- The "why" is that something is seriously wrong with Hilliary's physical health [seizures] and he is needed there in the trenches with her...call him her personal 'combat medic.'
A longer version, one you're intentionally NOT being told:
- Dr Who: is wearing a special security badge issued by the Secret Service identifying him as "allowed" to be next to Hillary (Secret Service detail members are 'known' to one another and thet do not wear such security badges); his lapel pin is medical; he's holding something in his left hand much of the time (there is speculation that it is an auto-injector of diazopam or lorazepam, both anti-seizure medications, in case she has another public seizure; I think it's a laser-pointer, like the kind you use to play with your house cat; but who knows at this point?).
- Seizures: Hillary fell and hit her head in 2012 and suffered a brain blood clot. She has since had some very public "disoriented" behavior (reacting to the convention balloons) and several seizures and near-seizures, plus her not very public needing assistance to navigate a few stair steps.
Where is this heading?
IF the uni-party and the media (both representing the 'globalists' NOT America) can manage to ride this lame horse into the White House, then the path is clear for Tim Kaine (people should be asking 'who the f*ck is he?' just like they should have asked that about the fictional character Obama) to take the helm and drive the American ship straight onto the rocks and wreck it, according to plan.

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Diamond Mair said...

Get some forensics-photo type person to clarify his "badge" (on lanyard) to SEE what it says - THAT would help a lot.
I'm thinking he's more a nurse / PA / EMS guy, rather than a physician - Hillarhoid & Billy Jeff BentPecker are too cheap to spend "THEIR" (stolen/corruption-proving) money on a 24/7 doctor
Semper Fi'
P.S. Personally, I'm thinking Billy Jeff gave her syphilis years ago, and * she * never got treated in time, whether because he was too gutless to tell her, or she was living on that river in Egypt. From my reading, it's quite possible she has tertiary syphilis (think Hitler or Al Capone)