Monday, 8 August 2016

WHO and WHY?.....................from Rico

This big heavy-set black guy has been at Hillary's side in public lately.
- He was there when she 'froze' while giving a speech, and he patted her back and said 'keep talking' which she then repeated 'we'll keep talking' and she proceeded too.
- I recall that event because Secret Service members do NOT touch the person they are protecting unless it is to remove them from imminent bodily harm, and because while he was dressed like a Secret Service agent they do NOT wear purple shirts, and he's too much of a lard-ass to be an agent.
- And WHY was the Secret Service detail apparently okey-dokey with this guy's proximity to Hillary, and his touching her? Try it yourself sometime and see how it works out for you.
Then we see him 'helping' Hillary up a few steps elsewhere. [Note that Huma is trailing behind him as he helps Hillary, and that again the Secret Service detail is perfectly fine with all this].
So WHO is he, and WHY is he with Hillary?
- Is he a physician? A shrink? A nurse?
Is Hillary so mentally and/or physically impaired that he needs to be at her side?
- She's not saying, but that's just as well...she'd just lie about it anyway.
Conspiracy theory?
- There is something so very wrong with Hillary that it cannot be entirely hidden from public scrutiny now.
- There has never been, and is not now, ANYTHING 'coincidental' surrounding the Clintons.

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