Saturday, 20 August 2016

Whoring For Hillary - Mainstream Media Hacks Have Sold Their Souls............from Daniel Thomas

The Brexit referendum in Great Britain and the presidential election campaign in the USA have highlighted what has been obvious to informed observers for some time; the control exercised by the big money donors, lobbyists and powerful vested interests over the political establishment and the mainstream media is absolute.

Most of the influential newspapers and almost all the cable news channels are part of the giant bought-and-paid-for government-media axis that micro-manages the information that the electorate needs in order to form an opinion or choose a candidate. In Great Britain this includes the supposedly neutral taxpayer funded BBC.

Bias does not go anywhere near to describing the mainstream media. It is a massive centrally controlled propaganda operation designed to distort, lie and fabricate stories in order to promote their client candidate while using the same despicable tactics to denigrate and smear any rivals.

Objective journalism and independent news reporting is dead along with the investigative journalism of the Woodward and Bernstein era. Those masquerading as journalists today are no better than street corner whores who, instead of their bodies, sell their manufactured reputations.

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