Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Alt-Right? NO. Galt-Right? YES.......................from Rico

The least trusted person in the world, Hillary Clinton, made an "Alt-Right" hate speech using the most divisive, insulting, and damaging words in the Democrat (C) playbook and expects you to just trust her on this?
- When you cannot run on tangible accomplishments, or ideas that inspire instead of alienating, and certainly don't want to discuss failed policies, you go directly to FEELINGS and bypass any thought. This is a policy of emotion. Feelings over thought. Words over action.
Ayn Rand's character John Galt opted out of a failed society, rejected a nation near collapse, an eroding economy, escalating crime, and an authoritarian government for a better life.
There is NO "Alt-Right" in America today, but there IS a "Galt-Right" which seeks to reward freedom, success, and individuality.....not punish it.
- Hillary and her far-left radical friends, as usual, quite 'missed' this crucial difference.

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