Friday, 16 September 2016

Another Jewish Group Sells Out to Soros.........................from Dan Friedman

The departure of congenital liberal Abe Foxman from the head of the ADL, left some of us hoping there would be a change for the better under a new leader. But as soon as Foxman’s new successor was named, things went from bad to worse. Jonathan Greenblatt is a former Obama administration official with ties to George Soros.  And as usual the only unabashed Zionist group in the Conference of Presidents, the ZOA, has had the courage to sound the alarm.
Quote, “Under Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL is now often siding with groups hostile to Israel.” Sadly, unless the other major Jewish organizations join the ZOA in condemning the ADL’s treachery and anti-Zionism, the situation will only deteriorate further. And Soros can put yet another notch in his handle.

Dan Friedman

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