Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Brexit In Danger - Is Europhile Theresa May Maneuvering To Remain?..................from Daniel Thomas

It's been over seventy days since the British people defied the establishment by voting overwhelmingly to take back the governance of their country from the corrupt political elites based in London, Brussels and New York.

In those seventy days nothing has changed; fifty-five million GBP is still being paid into the EU coffers every day with open border mass immigration and job killing regulations continuing unabated.

All the British people have had from the government so far is the meaningless soundbite 'Brexit means Brexit' repeated ad nauseum combined with endless prevarication and delay.

The result of the Brexit referendum was unequivocal and it was even more remarkable when one considers the campaign to Remain, labelled 'Project Fear', was an appalling tissue of lies and incessant black propaganda designed to stir up hatred and fear in equal measure.

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